Thursday, June 26, 2014

Toshiba won

I intended to buy an Asus but after spending countless hours at BestBuy over the past few months looking at each laptop, typing on the keyboards and deciding what I actually needed I decided to buy a less expensive laptop.

I got a Toshiba for $599. It's powerful enough to write software but weak enough that I won't install games that will distract me from programming.

While the game lends itself very well to the touchscreen laptops, I opted not to buy one that had touch screen.

In the end I got a laptop that has a great keyboard. My typing test was to see how well I could type
private static void method(){
for(int x=0;x<1928;i++)

I also tested the location of the arrow keys, tab key and power button. Oddly there were a few models where the power button was so close to the delete key that I shut the unit down while testing (lenovo).

The other problem I had was that I had purchased units in the past and returned them. For some reason when you close the lid on some models (mostly Lenovo) the unit powers down instead of sleeping regardless of how you setup the power options.

I still have 12 days to return this to BestBuy but I don't think I will.

Ok, break time is over, back to coding...

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