Thursday, April 17, 2014

two dimensions

I opted to create space as two dimensions because I chose to focus more energy on gameplay than math. I hope that's a reasonable explanation.

The other side of this is that for the few that have jumped into the ship and started flying around I posed the question after they tried it out for twenty minutes. Simply asked, "Did it bother you that I designed the galaxy as a two dimensional space?" Which received the same basic answer, "I did not realize it was not three dimensional. no, didn't bother me at all."

The above image is a screen capture from the navigation system. The red dot is over the solar system my spaceship is currently exploring. The little blue dots are stars in the galaxy named Sordid. This is the starting galaxy, a friendly place with minimal threats in the center and danger/adventure as you move away from the center.
There are sixteen galaxies in this alternate universe. Each galaxy has around eight thousand stars, each star represents a game map one million pixels square. Granted each solar system unit is displayed as a square, everything revolves around a sun at the center. Each square solar system is 240 astronomical units (AU) across.
As big as it may seem, it is really designed to be large enough to accommodate many types of space travel in different classes of ships. A small explorer ship can buzz around a solar system from end to end in about 40 minutes. A larger transport may take several hours to do the same but I'm not sure exploring with a transport ship makes sense.

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