Monday, April 14, 2014

the game

lore aside, the game itself is hopefully different from anything you've played. It takes some imagination and a little sense of humor.

The game is a multiplayer space exploration simulation, though using the word simulation requires some poetic license.

You are the pilot of a craft that you can customize. Ships can be bought/sold/upgraded throughout the gameplay and fit into various classes that perform functions like exploring, fighting, destroying, mining and transporting.

Trade, combat, crafting and all that sort of stuff comes into play in a number of ways. Mostly, you will make you own adventure. For those that need guidance, there are quests, missions and various ways to contribute to the universe.

But for the most part you will spend your time piloting one of the least reliable space ships you will ever experience in gaming.

Internal working of the space ship are slightly more complex than anything you are probably used to. Ships are controlled via a large number of panels, each controlling different parts of the craft. At the core of all controls is a terminal with a compiler that uses a language similar (very close) to BASIC. But more on the in game computer later on.

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