Monday, July 22, 2013


Sorry Rockstar, I don't like consoles. I like the idea of a console, but I don't like the controllers. Maybe if a console could be made with the W-A-S-D + mouse action I love on PC games, I would buy one.

So if you know you will make a PC version but prefer to release the console for Grand Theft Auto V months before, why not at least let the PC gamers pre-order and also get all the cool crap?

As for those that say the PC is dead, they're idiots. Sorry, the next great operating system isn't going to be programmed and compiled on an iPhone or some Android tablet. I won't say that tablets are a fad, but I tried one for a year. I think they are great for anything that does not require typing. Add a blue tooth keyboard? I tried that too, liked that even less. By the time I had a case that would hold the iPad and a keyboard I basically lost the super-lightweight portability i was sold on in the first place. So I replaced it with an 11 inch mac air.

But even at that, Apple computers are great for many things, but in creating a game, I find Windows superior. But not Windows 8, I prefer 7. Every other OS from Microsoft sucks.

Win 95 - great
Win 98 - sucked
Win 98 SE - great
Windows Millenium - sucked
Win XP - great
Win Vista - sucked
Win 7 - awesome
Win 8 - sucks worse than Millennium

So I'll upgrade to Win 9, that will probably be great and if it isn't, then it's time to go back to linux because I'm sure Apple isn't going to survive without Steve at the helm. If they even had a chance it would have been proven by releasing a retina display, touch screen Mac Air by now.

Instead they plan the iWatch. At least Rockstar will release GTA V for Windows before an iWatch.

monday morning rant. I really want to play GTA V, besides Battlefield and Far Cry, it's the only game I'll drop everything to play for a few weeks. But I must say this, if they did release the PC version in Sept, it would push my game back kind of far. So I'll take my frustrations out in code and see if I can't push my alpha up to give everyone waiting for GTA V on PC something to do.

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