Wednesday, July 17, 2013


From my last post I mentioned the size of the galaxy and I've scaled it down to one that will expand as needed. So my new small galaxy has 27,356 stars and each ranges from 1-12 planets. The stars have names like "acxy567893". The planets names are longer like "bcd-387463552-zx12". 

So what I did was add in a setup with players can name stars and all the planets of a given solar system if they are first to arrive. Could this lead to abuse? Of course, that's what you get. I will likely have some rules but hope to have it all player moderated. 

But there are many more names to consider.

Everything in the game can be crafted by players. This requires a fairly extensive system for resources. While there are quite a few classes for resources, there are only 75 named "elements" which are essentially the building blocks for everything. But when mining you will be able to harvest various compounds of the elements. Some will be named but players that "discover" new compounds will be able to name those. 

I like the crowd sourcing approach in a game. While the starting planets and solar systems will all be named, the opportunity to explore and put your mark on the galaxy will be entirely possible.

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